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UPDATE: Bishop Paul Morton Speaks Out On ‘Pastor’ Craig Davis HIV Scandal; Says He Was NEVER A Pastor At Full Gospel

Earlier this week, we posted an explosive article on an Atlanta Pastor Craig Davis who was accused and admitted to being HIV positive and spreading the disease to several members in this church as well as outside the church.  The story quickly went viral with every blog giving commentary on the situation.


Pastor Craig Lamar Davis Spreads HIV


Mentioned in the original article was a small fact that he was an alleged pastor at a popular Atlanta church, Full Gospel Baptist Church.  Word quickly got back to the head honcho over there, Bishop Paul Morton, and he has spoken out to dispute and end the rumors that Craig Davis was a pastor at his church.  In fact, Bishop Morton claims that Davis was NEVER a member of the church and confirms that he was, in fact, the husband of his executive assistant.


Bishop Paul Morton Denies Craig Davis Being A Pastor At Full Gospel



The well liked and respected Bishop did not offer any more incite or information regarding the claims other than the fact that he was never a pastor at the church. Although interesting enough, while admitting that he is familiar with the Davis and works closely with Davis’s wife, he is adamant that this is not a ‘church problem’ thus not something his name should be attached to.

If his wife is your executive assistant and she attends your church or is a member of your church as well, why would it not be a a problem that needs tending to within the church especially if the claims (according to Davis) are true that he has in fact had unprotected sex with other members of your congregation?

I’m a tab bit confused, but I’ll let it pass for the moment.