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Romeo Miller Takes His Shirt Off For Rolling Out Mag; Talks Women, Music & Staying Relevant


Forgive a moment whilst we take a moment to gather our thoughts and get ourselves together.

While many child stars have found themselves becoming victims of the “child star curse” due to the pressures of Hollywood and the frustrations that many face with trying to transition from child star to adult actor, Lil Romeo who now goes by Romeo, has done a great job at dodging the curse having successfully managed to become the star of his high school basketball team as well as play 3 years of college basketball. Even with all of his success outside of the industry, Romeo is still drawn to the spotlight and is determined to do everything in his power to “make it work”.

We have practically watched Romeo grow up before our eyes after he entered the entertainment industry under the close eye of his father, Master P.  At the tender age of 12, Romeo had a platinum selling album with his debut album Lil Romeo, moving on to star in several Nickelodeon shows [including his own] as well as landing roles in movies such as Jumping the Broom, Dancing With The Stars, VH1’s Single Ladies and most recently Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection.

Currently promoting his most recent movie Madea’s Witness Protection, Romeo talked to Rolling Out Magazine about the his plans for his career, how his was able to transition from child start to being taken seriously as an adult actor, and what he finds the most sexy about a woman.

On being able to stay relevant:

I think a lot of artists don’t understand the concept of change. It’s just like, life because as a kid growing up in the business, I saw my father evolve every few years. Just knowing that everything is going to change with time and nothing stays the same. I remember I used to wear baggy jeans and everybody used to have their throwback jerseys. There’s no way I would wear those kind of clothes now. But just like fashion changes, your body, mind and life change as well.

On his record label and future music plans:

I’m the president of the company. We’ve already sold 80 plus million records and we want to triple that. We want to make good music. When I sign somebody I look for somebody with a good heart and who wants to make a change, not necessarily perfect, but somebody like my dad, who’s not from the best neighborhood, but who wants to make a difference for their family and has that hunger. I may drop a mixtape on Twitter right before my movie opens, but y’all stay posted on that.

On what he finds most attractive about a woman:

Education; gotta be a smart woman and independent. Good heart; everyone loves a woman who loves kids and their outlook on life is positive. You gotta know how to cook. If you don’t know how to cook then that’s a problem, especially if you’re from the South like me. And give good massages. I could keep going.

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