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They’re Back: Love and Hip Hop New York Season 3, Meet The Cast

Love and Hip Hop New York season 3


Are you ready for another season of Love and Hip Hop? Well, if you’ve been itching for the drama then you are in luck as season three of Love and Hip Hop New York is set to launch next week on VH1 and this time with an all new cast.

With Chrissy, Emily, Jim Jones and Momma Jones out of the picture, the show had to find equally entertaining characters for the show if they wanted to keep up with the high ratings their spin off (Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta) brought in over the summer. To do so, Mona Scott-Young clicked her little red heels and recruited one of the most toxic and embarrassing ex-couples on the twitter-sphere: Joe Budden and his ex-girlfriend, Tahiry Jose. In addition to these two, Mona also recruited Jen Bayer a.k.a ‘Jen The Pen’ and her boyfriend/fiancé rapper Consequence, Winter Ramos, Rashidah Ali, Raqui Thunda, with returning cast members Yandy Smith, Olivia (yes, Olivia is back) and that one video girl who secured her spot by picking fights with Kimbella last season,  Erica Mena.

Meet the Love and Hip Hop New York season 3  ‘crew’:

Tahiry Jose love and hip hop new york season 3

Tahiry Jose

A former video vixen and ex-girlfriend of Jersey rapper and cast mate, Joe Budden.  Tahiry and Joe dated for quite some time before their very public and toxic break-up hit the news (aka Twitter).  To this day, both Joe and Tahiry seem to find pleasure in verbally attacking and slandering each others name in the twitter-verse. This drama (a ala ‘Steebie J’, Joseline and Mimi Faust) should make for interesting television because it’s for sure entertaining online.


rashidah ali love and hip hop new york season 3

Rashidah Ali

Rashidah is a feisty firecracker and one definitely not to be messed with. The shoe boutique owner has already appeared on several other reality shows along side her ‘reality tv friends’  (Basketball Wives and RHOA). The owner of Bourgeoisie Shoes (Now called Encore Shoes) located in Harlem, NY made headlines early 2011 after a club brawl she was apart of in which she was accused of busting a bouncers head open during her birthday party.


  Rashida Ali Attacks Club Bouncer Love and Hip Hop New York Season 3

(alleged photo of injured bouncer Rashidah attacked last year)

Prior to that, Ali was convicted of attempted larceny in Connecticut in 2005 and sentenced to serve three years probation. WHOA! Lets hope she keeps it together for the show as she seems to be on the right track as of late…


Raqi Thunda love and hip hop season 3


Raqi Thunda

Raqi Thunda is a radio personality and ‘alleged’ lover of Joe Budden (if you let the media tell it).  Although both Raqi and Joe both seem to be adamant that they are nothing more than just ‘really good friends’, Raqi has found it hard to get along with Joe’s ex-girlfriend Tahiry…even when they were a couple.  Raqi and Tahiry have had a very rocky relationship from the start and has been spotted having several ‘exchanges’ via twitter.


winter ramos love and hip hop season 3

Winter Ramos

We were first introduced to Winter during Love and Hip Hop (New York) season 2.  She was the beaming young woman who sat across from Emily and pretty much told Emily to let Fabulous dog her out until he was ready to ‘get it together’ because it would all be worth it in the end. (blank stare)…yeah, I said the same thing.

Needless to say, Winter wants more camera time and has been granted such by the powerful Mona Scott-Young who believes that the aspiring writer (Winter is currently working on a ‘tell-all’ book on her famous exes and her ‘industry life’…Karrine Steffans, much?) and former assistant to Fabulous. We’ll see what great advice she has to offer the audience next week…


Jen Bayer aka Jen The Pen Love and Hip hop season 3

Jen “Jen The Pen” Bayer

Jen Bayer, aka Jen The Pen, is a radio personality best known for her serving the tea with DJ Whoo Kid & The Hot Boyz in Chicago.  Jen is also the girlfriend of rapper Consequence (who is responsible for a good majority of Kanye’s lyrical content when he first came out) with whom she has a son.  The two are hoping to bring some kind of love and balance to the show. Something similar to what Chrissy and Jim brought to the show during seasons 1 and 2.


Erica Mena love and hip hop new york season 3

Erica Mena

(Sigh) You remember Erica, right?  Erica was introduced to us during the last few episodes of season 3 during which time she decided to leave an impression on viewers by provoking and then attacking cast member Kimbella during a lunch set up by Yandy Smith.  For some odd reason, Erica felt threatened that women like Kimbella made it further in their careers than she had because apparently, after several years in the game….Erica still had nothing to show for her success. It was also revealed that Erica was interested in pursuing a singing career (blank stare) in which auditioned for producer, Rico Love.

Now moving on from the ‘video vixen’ lane, Erica is determined to make it as a singer (another blank stare) and has teamed up with Rico (both professionally and romantically) to make that happen…

Returning to the cast:

Yandy Smith Love and hip hop new york season 3


Yandy Smith

Yandy Smith will be returning this season and from my understanding her storyline will be focused on her juggling her busy career managing the stars (minus Jim Jones), being a new mom and balancing those two as well as dealing with her relationship with her sons father.


Olivia love and hip hop new york season 3



Olivia will be returning for a third season and again we will follow her journey of trying to get that hit single that will revive her seemingly dead career. While she did get a brief buzz shortly after the release of her single ‘Walk Away’ (we saw her perform it live during Season 2), that buzz wasn’t enough to push her to the front like she was hoping it would.  So, yet another season we will watch the struggle….good luck girl!


Photo via Reality Aired

What do you think of the cast for Love and Hip Hop New York season 3!?!?!

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