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LMB Exclusive: Ariane Davis Opens Up About Past Relationships, Her Relationship With MiMi & Black Self Esteem


Of all the cast members on the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Ariane Davis seems to be the most mysterious and well-rounded individuals in the cast.  Her cool and calm personality added with her ability to remain level-headed, unbiased, objective in her advice plays a big part in her ability to assist her best friend, MiMi, in her relationship with cast member, Stevie J.  Unfortunately, outside of counseling sessions with MiMi we know very little about the southern beauty with one of the baddest short cuts [thanks her hair stylist Sherise] we’ve seen in a long time.

So who is Ariane Davis?

Love My Black Correspondent & Contributor L.Raquel Peterson caught up with Ariane to get the exclusive on who Ariane is and her thoughts on Love & Hip Hop, Stevie and Mimi, Team Joseline and more.

Who is Ariane Davis:

I am the ambassador of Atlanta [laughs].  No but seriously, I have been in Atlanta for 20 years and I have been a celebrity bartender here for about 10 years now. So I know a lot of people here in the city.  Beyond that, I have done modeling [featured in a cycle of America’s Next Top Model] and I’ve done a lot of other stuff too.  I’ve always been really social in Atlanta and a lot of people know me here. Everybody knows me and I really do have a good time in Atlanta, but right now I am trying to brand myself outside of Atlanta as well.

Her Favorite/Signature drink:

I have this drink called Ariane’s Panties that I use to make a lot.   That was one of my favorite drinks to make.  I’m a fun bartender but I drink whatever. I like to get people faded…its fun.

On her and MiMi’s friendship:

Mimi and I met almost 8 years ago.  Its been about 8 years now. We hosted this party together and after hosting, we just clicked and we have been inseparable since.  We’ve been through a lot with each other.  She’s been there for me and she’d been there with me through a whole lot and I just never left her side and I wont. I wont have [drama] because that is not what I chose to go on the show for.  My friend needed my support.

On being able to give advice to MiMi and personally dealing with a similar situation:

I know the situation that she [Mimi] is in because I’ve been there before that is why I am able to remain so calm when helping her along because I’ve been through it. I really just had to step outside of myself and get out of it so I can talk to her the way that I do because I have been in it.  She is going to be fine, but its just seeing all this stuff now and it really hitting her…its’ really taking a toll on her but I tell her all the time that she has to be strong for her daughter because that is all that matters.

[…] I kind of really became numb [during my situation]. I had to really numb myself.  I really had to sit back and think like wait a minute this isn’t you.  The person that I was in that relationship had to die in order for me to get back to being the real Ariane.  I was abusing myself because I kept allowing it to happen and I couldn’t blame the person that I was with because I was enabling it.  Once I stopped allowing it to happen, I was able to be like okay…enough is enough.  You’ve got to go.  It’s ultimately just not worth the stress.  Stress is the number 1 killer in the world..and I’m not trying to die!

Me? I like to have fun…there doesn’t have to be drama all time..that sh*t makes my head hurt. I’m trying to live honey.  Life is too short to be stressed and getting skinny and sh*t.  I can’t do all that drama [laughs]  The minute someone tries it with me, its like oh no I’ve got to go…happiness is calling me.

On reality TV backlash and “role model” comments:

I am not a role model.  You have your parents for that. I appreciate all the love that I have been receiving, but I am nobodies role model.  I like to drink, I am a party girl, I like to have fun. I live my life to the fullest but I don’t want people to start thinking that I lack morals because I like to have fun. Now, that doesn’t mean that I lack morals because I wasn’t brought up that way [without morals] and I think people confuse the two. My standards aren’t lowered because I like to have fun.  People take life too seriously, you cant walk around trying to judge, I mean who are you?  You are blocking your blessings by doing that.  Everybody has issues, it just so happens that these ladies on the show are letting the world see it.

On Mimi and Stevie’s relationship:

I wish more people would understand that their relationship is way beyond the show.  People just get an hour glimpse into our lives [sigh]. People just don’t understand.  It’s way more to this than just what you see.

Her thoughts on men disrespecting women and women being the enabler:

I believe that the fault lies on both.  As women we are often the enabler thinking he is going to change or well if I do this or do that things will be better.  They can’t do to you what you don’t allow them to. I cant speak for all men because I have been blessed to have great men in my life.  I grew up around my cousins and my uncles who wasn’t having that, they didn’t let guys treat me any kind of way. So it kind of helped me when I got older and would get into situations, I could look back and remember how the men in my family treated their women and be like okay…this isn’t going to work.

On Team Joseline and the young girls who look up to women like Joseline:

Is this really happening? I have a niece…if my niece were to come to me and say I want to be like Joseline when I grow up I’d slap the sh*t out of her and be like no you don’t. No you don’t! You have an Aunt right now that will kick your a** and you will come and live with me because I am going to make sure that never happens.  If I could just take all those [team Joseline] girls and just…look.  I get it.  You want to be glamorous, you want to have this bad body and Joseline’s body is amazing, that is fine…but if you want to walk around and have this insane mouth piece and act like that, no that’s…just no.  People need to realize that you have to have tact and class…acting like that won’t get you anywhere.  [sigh] I can’t deal…

In all honestly, its kind of disheartening to hear…nothing against her and people are going to follow who they want to follow but I cant understand how any young girl can look at the person that [Joseline] is and want to be like her. Like really, I cant [sigh] I cant grasp that…I just cant. With me doing charity work with young girls from the age of 16, I just…I haven’t heard that yet but I do know that they are out there because that may be what they are use to seeing growing up, or what they were surrounded by. They see that [Joseline] has been through what they have been through and they see her on TV now so they want to be like her. They figure if she can do it so can I.  She’s had all this sh*t happen to her, she is still young and look she is on TV now…I mean I get it.

At the same time, this is the time when other women should step in but we are so afraid to intervene and it is a hindrance in our community. Nobody wants to step in. We need to step in and get a hold of these girls and if no one else will, I am willing to step in and be like NO! Oh no you are not..like HELLO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?  I want to just grab these girls. But I understand why they would WANT to be like her, what they see is intriguing but they aren’t getting anything else.

On the lack of self-esteem in the Black community and the effects it has on Black women:

This sh*t is a sickness and it is spreading and it doesn’t have to.  We have to start here.  I am all for trying to help heal people.  Nobody is willing to really to just step up and just start somewhere.  People are so afraid of what other people think. I don’t care what anybody thinks, that is one thing about me. I don’t care because people’s will always have something to say.  Opinions are really like a**holes, everyone has one.  I tell Mimi that all the time, stop worrying about these people on social media, walk with your head up high and don’t worry about what these people have to say.  She can do so much and can definitely be a voice in this with what she is going through.

What Ariane wants people to know about her:

I am f*cking awesome…

…and we f*cking agree!

To keep up on what Ariane is doing be sure to follow her on Twitter @whoisariane and be sure to tune in every Monday night at 8pm on VH1 to see Ariane motivate and support her best friend Mimi Faust on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta!

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