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Kellie Williams aka Laura Winslow Accused of Kicking Back Money To Former D.C. Councilman Harry Thomas, Jr.

Kellie Williams

Kellie Williams aka Urkels Woman is said to currently be under investigation after it was suggested that she may have been involved in the case of former D.C. Councilman Harry Thomas, Jr. stealing city monies the help of her “youth program”.

According to Washington City Paper, after a recent examination of court records, tax filings, and emails which were obtained through several Freedom of Information Act requests the question was concerning whether or not Kellie Williams may be the unnamed “Individual #1” described in the documents.  Prosecutors are accusing Kellie of helping Thomas steal money through her “Kellie Williams Program”.

Harry Thomas was charged and sentenced to 38 months in a federal prison after pleading guilty to stealing over $350,000 in government funds and filing false tax returns.  Since then, 3 more individuals have also please guilty to assisting Thomas in stealing the funds.

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